December 12, 2017

“Resistance: Rio’s Different Face of Fashion”

We’re very excited to share “Resistance: Rio’s Different Face of Fashion,” a film edited by our very own Mah Ferraz (directed by Geoff Levy). The film gives a peek into Jacaré Moda, a modeling agency that is transforming the Brazilian fashion industry by challenging norms and bringing young people of peripheries to fashion.

We witness the story of three models: Caio, Camila, and Natália. Often discriminated against for their backgrounds, they looked to fashion as a way to learn, rediscover their self-esteem, develop their talent and originality. Through their stories they express themselves as a force of change and as individuals who resist the idea that favelas are only a place of poverty and violence.

To read more, visit the feature on Paper Magazine here and watch the full film here.


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November 17, 2017

VOLVO | “Embrace The Future” — Ad of the Day on AdWeek

Volvo’s two-year experiment in fractured, “nonlinear” narratives has already taken us from a New England lighthouse to the Arizona desert. Now, its final larger-than-life chapter leaves the Earth’s atmosphere behind while encouraging viewers and car buyers to embrace the future … whatever it might bring.

To tell the tale of a female astronaut, her husband and their brand new XC-60, Grey New York turned to Catherine “Cady” Coleman. The NASA veteran spent more than six months on the International Space Station in 2011 before advising Sandra Bullock on the film Gravity, and her insights helped draw a fuller picture of one woman taking a bold step into the beyond.

Like the previous two installments in this series, “Wedding” and “Song of the Open Road,” Volvo teased the new campaign with a series of cryptic 15-second spots that aired in no particular order and left viewers guessing. For example, the only hint that the first clip provided as to the ultimate direction of the narrative was the fact that the man briefly looks up into the sky while driving.

Read more on AdWeek

Ad of the Day, Volvo
October 23, 2017

“The Normal People” The Race of Gentlemen Short Film Release

“The house, the wife, the dog, the cats, they are all gone, but this ain’t gonna go…”

Every year people from all over the world meet in Wildwood, NJ to race their bikes and hotrods from the 1920’s and 1930’s on the beach, creating a MadMax like spectacle.
This film is about the wonderful characters behind all of it.

Uppercut Editor: Alvaro Del Val
Director: Daniel Soares
Colorist: Maria Carretero
Director of Photography: Anna Franquesa Solano
Producer: Morgan Edstrom
Original Score: Almkvist
Sound Design & Mix: Brian Bernard
Music: Bror Gunnar Jansson

Alvaro Del Val, The Normal People
September 7, 2017

The Choice: A Social Experiment In Making Decisions

Picture yourself alone in a mostly bare white room. In front of you are two nearly identical doors — you know that one leads to the exit, and you know that behind the other is a complete unknown. Which one would you choose?

This question was at the heart of an experiment that Vox Creative was asked to run on behalf of Volvo. Because Volvo believes that understanding human decision-making helps them make better cars for their drivers, they wanted to understand why some are so much more willing than others to embrace the unknown.

Vox Creative turned to Uppercut editor, Tyrone Rhabb, to help bring this experiment to life.

Read more at Vox

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